Women with HIV

It has been studied that out of 50% of the adults living with AIDS worldwide, 50% are women. Studying the conditions of women has been very relevant in the recent years because, they are more vulnerable to HIV than men are. They propagate the disease to their children through biological tracks, thus regenerating the scope of the disease. AIDS is the fifth leading reason for death in all women around the world.

Why are women more vulnerable?

98% of the women with HIV belong to the third world nations like Africa, Latin America and Asia. The lack of proper economic and medical infrastructure creates friction to take any effective measure to curb the disease. Moreover, in most developing nation, being victim to HIV is considered as a social stigma. This keeps a patient leashed about the disease and hesitant to administer a vaccine. Thus, this problem is always on a rise.

Some statistics about Women with HIV:

AFRICA- More than 15 million women suffer from AIDS, which counts for 75% of the total number of women with HIV in the world.

AMERICA- 278,000 women and young girls are living with HIV

ASIA- 13.4 million women are living with HIV in Asia.

EUROPE- This continent has the least number of women affected with AIDS with 0.18 million.

It has been found that a little less than 30% of the women with HIV have more than one sexual partner. 30% of them acquired the infection from their HIV positive partners.

Symptoms those are unique in women

Things that can bring a change in the condition of women with HIV are:

  1. Female condoms- It is the only way that can inhibit the transmission of the disease. However, female condoms also require a little amount of cooperation from the male partner
  2. Post Exposure prophylaxis- This antiretroviral treatment can immensely help those women, who have been raped. If this treatment is started within 72 hours of the intercourse, post Exposure prophylaxis can be very beneficial.
  3. Microbicide- This is a gel that prevents the transmission of the HIV virus, if it is applied in the genitals. Women, who are prone to multiple sexual partners, can resort to this gel.

The worst part is in most cases women cannot protect themselves from the disease, because they are always under the thumb of a man who controls them. Several organizations are being formed at local and international level, to educate them about the disease and promote family planning. This has greatly helped to reduce the number of women with HIV.