How Does HIV Spread Out?

HIV is a retrovirus; it means the enzyme which is used in reverse transcriptase to make DNA to form its own genetic code. Similarly RNA can incorporate itself into the host cells. In order to generate an infection disease, HIV needs to cross the body's blood blockade in such a high concentration, that it leads to HIV disease. HIV consists of four stages and it should be notified that the last one is AIDS. It has been noticed that the effect of HIV is so severe that it damages the human immune system. However it is essential to know that how does HIV spread out in human body after getting infected from it.

How does the HIV infection spread out in our body?

The process of the infection starts from the immune system cells that are called as dendritic cells. These cells could attach to and carry the virus from the infected site to the lymph nodes. As a result of this other immune system cells become infected. When HIV comes across CD4 cells a gp 120 protein that produces from HIV surface identifies the CD4 protein and sticks tightly to it. There is another viral protein called as p24 which forms a casing that surrounds HIVís genetic material. This genetic material spreads infection in cells and produces new viruses and causes for disease.

How does HIV get transmitted?

Sexual Intercourse: This is the most general way of spreading the HIV infection. In the process of sexual intercourse HIV can enter a body through the lining of vagina, penis, rectum or mouth. Even though there are no proofs of HIV causes because of saliva, it is advised to avoid open mouthed kiss. If there are any cuts or sores in mouth, they could lead you to get infected by HIV.

From infected mother to a unborn child

If the mother has got infected by HIV it is advised that she should take the anti HIV drug AZT or Zidovudine during pregnancy. A woman can transmit HIV through their fetuses during the pregnancy or birth. If the baby is delivered by Cesarean section the further risk can be reduced.

HIV can be spread because of the direct contact with infected bloodHIV spreads through the needles or syringes when they are used by a person who is infected by HIV. If these needles are used by another persons HIV transmits in their blood. It can be transmitted through the blood transfusion if the proper care is not taken in the heat treatment of the blood before transferring from one person to another.

HIV can be transmitted to babies through the breast milk of infected mother

However HIV can not be spread out by following things

HIV can only be spread out because of intimate contact with body fluids or infected blood. However it is suggested that do not share razors and tooth brush.

The given information as to how does HIV spread out and the causes would help you to understand the information regarding HIV disease.