HIV Training

What is HIV training?

HIV training is educating the health care providers in the field, so that they enhance their personal skills for handling HIV oriented issues more efficiently. HIV training may include a number of sub-parts, covering several aspects of handling the disease. However, a health care worker can also specialize in one particular aspect and pursue a career in that. HIV training may not be very popular in every region of the world. However, it is the need of the hour for most nations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

What does HIV training consists of?

The training includes several papers and specializations. It may be a complete full-time training course, a part-time or a vocational course. However, the contents of the course will not vary much.

The training consists of:

HIV training is given to all health care workers in training centers, hospitals and HIV training institutes. These courses reduce the workload of the doctors by sharing the responsibilities with the trainees. This can enable better management of the disease by health care workers in remote areas, where the doctors are unavailable.

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