HIV Training Institute

The HIV training institute was established in 1988, under the Bureau of HIV/AIDS Prevention & Control, Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. It is located in New York City. Its main aim is to reduce HIV transmission, and give new hope to HIV positive patients.

HIV training institute provides training to:

HIV training Institute provides 3 basic core programs:

  1. Core training programs: This course is meant for the clinical employees and employees of community based organizations and NGOs, so that they can play a role in training the HIV positive people. This programs includes
  2. DEBI training programs: This is not meant for the clinical staff, but a training program for people above fifteen years, who are either living with HIV or belong to the high-risk groups. This program is called CLEAR (Choosing Life Empowerment Action Results) that uses aim to change the behavior of these groups and give them a proper healthy life. Several cognitive behavioral techniques are used to serve the purpose.
  3. Clinical training programs: This training program is meant for clinicians, HIV prevention workers and HIV testers. The main aim of this program is to boost awareness based on diagnosis, and carry out proper tests right from the earliest stage of the disease. This program is divided into two sessions

The programs introduced by HIV training Institute are very short termed, yet enjoyable and interactive one. One needs to fill up the application form and wait for the confirmation from the part of HIV Training Institute. By the end of the program, the trainees get a certificate of attendance.