HIV Test

Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) is a disease that lessens the efficiency of the immune system progressively. The infection of HIV happens by the transfer of semen, blood, vaginal fluid, breast milk, or pre-ejaculate. However there are some HIV tests that help you to recognize the symptoms of AIDS. HIV testing is done to identify antibodies against HIV that specify infection with the virus. HIV tests are given below for your information.

The information regarding HIV test is given below


HIV testing can be carried out on any of three body fluids i.e. salvia or urine, blood. The blood test is a series of two tests. The first test is called ELISA test (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) is exercised to display a large number blood samples for the existence of HIV antibodies. The second test is performed for confirming the result whether it is positive or negative. If the results of this test are negative it means the blood samples do not contain HIV. On the other hand if the blood samples contains HIV antibodies it shows the positive results (reactive). Sometime the ELISA test could be reactive though the blood samples do not contain HIV antibodies. It is called as false positive. That is why the initial results of this test is not accepted as true positive. The Elisa test usually repeated if the initial result of this test found positive. If you are from India, you can check the prices for the HIV test of various kinds here

The Western Blot Test

The Western Blot Test is the most regular and confirmatory test utilized for this intention. Some laboratories verify ELISA positive results with others tests rather than Western Blot test.The other tests like the radio-immunoprecipitative assay (RIPA) and immunofluorescence assay (IFA) are also done. These tests are as correct as Western Blot test. The false positive resultís rate of these tests is extremely low after the confirmatory testing. So a positive result of ELISA test that is established by Western Blot test and IFA test means the present blood sample includes HIV antibodies. It means the person has been infected with HIV.

Rapid Tests or Point of Care Tests

Rapid Tests or point of care tests can be utilized to help the diagnosis of HIV infection. However these tests should be employed with the history, clinical status, and risk factors of the person being tested. Though these tests are highly specified but false positive do occur so these tests should be confirmed by the western blot test in a lab.


It offers results in twenty minutes. It usually detects HIV 1 and HIV 2.


This HIV test makes use of mucosal transudate from the tissues of gums and cheeks. This test first uses ELISA and then western blot.


This is a rapid HIV test that offers the results in ten-12 minutes. It is the only FDA approved test that helps to test for HIV 1.

Clearview Complete HIV 1/2 and Clearview HIV 1/2 Stat-Pak

These two tests help to detect HIV1 and HIV 2 antibodies in serum, blood, and plasma samples. The results of these tests are provided within fifteen minutes.

Home Access Express HIV-1 Test

It is the only FDA-approved home test. In this test a patient collects drop of blood. He/She mails the sample to a lab. He/she can get the results and counseling over phone.

The given information on HIV test would help you to understand the nature of various tests. We hope that the provided information is enough for you to comprehend the HIV test.