HIV Tests Cost

HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) leads to develop AIDS. This virus attacks on the CD4 cells that are known to be the soldier cells in human body. These cells protect human body from the invaders like the infections caused by the viruses. The virus weakens the immune system and hides itself in CD4 cells. It replicates itself and eventually overcomes the CD4 cells and immune system succumbs to develop AIDS. There are various HIV tests available for detecting the existence of HIV in human body. However, HIV tests cost differs from test to test.

Various tests and their cost are given below:

Rapid HIV tests

A rapid HIV test is a screening test that offers very quick results, normally in five to thirty minutes. Single Use Diagnostic System is the rapid test that is approved by FDA in USA.

What is the cost of a rapid HIV test? Does the rapid HIV test cost more than the EIA?

The prices of the test are different in various parts of the country. Single Use Diagnostic System (SUDS) test kit normally costs $6to $10. The individual kit of rapid test is more expensive than the EIA test. Nevertheless an EIA needs expensive equipments and rapid HIV tests do not. However extra costs like laboratory or the laboratory technician's time for carrying out the tests should be taken into consideration. Rapid HIV tests are easier to execute and needs fewer specialized skills than does an EIA. However EIA tests do not produce immediate results. A person has to revisit for the results to learn about their results. CDC showed that rapid tests are cost-effective than the EIA based process.

Hospital cost for HIV tests

A screening test for HIV antibodies might cost $12 at some hospitals in Illinois hospital. In other hospitals it may cost $81. The confirmatory test that are sophisticated and use ids, the initial tests' results are positive and may cost from $24 to $167.

Cost of Home test kit for HIV test

HIV test kit that is approved by FDA (Food and Drug administration) generally costs between $45 and $60. You can easily use these kits at home. You just have to collect the sample of blood and have to send it to laboratory and talk to the counselor for the results. Some of the tests cost only $3 to $5, but the amount does not contain the other charges of the doctors. Rapid tests cost between $20 and $50.

STD test cost

Those who are covered by health insurance, sometime tests are done at no charges to the patient. If it is not possible then tests cost of $10 to $30 per test. Those who are not covered with health insurance, STD tests costs $50 to $200 each, depending on tests. Patients who do not want to visit the doctor for testing may not want testing and the results as the part of their medical record; For these people the private STD tests are available. But the private STD tests do not accept health insurance. They offer testing for almost $50 to $150, depending on the test. They also offer packages of the tests involving HIV, about $300 to $400.

There are various HIV tests available in the market. HIV tests cost differs from test to test.