HIV Symptoms
HIV Symptoms

HIV Support Groups in USA

USA is the firstly nation to have officially recognized the disease of AIDS a few decades ago. Since then, there have not been any loopholes in its effort to combat the disease. The government and other HIV support groups in USA have worked with cooperation and reciprocation, in order to reduce its impact on the society and people's health. No wonder, why it is the most successful nation in fighting the disease.

Each federation has a number of HIV support groups in USA. The most important and the most successful HIV support groups in USA are listed below:

    1. AIDS Action Coalition
    2. Birmingham AIDS Outreach
    3. Montgomery AIDS Outreach
    4. South Alabama Cares
    5. Unity Wellness Centre

    1. Alaskan AIDS Association
    2. Interior AIDS Association
    3. Community Drum
    1. AIDS Network Arizona
    2. Children with AIDS Project
    3. Maricopa Integrated Health System
    4. Children with AIDS Project
    1. AIDS Support Network of San Luis County
    2. Sierra HOPE
    3. AIDS Legal Referral panel
    4. Richmond Ermet AIDS Foundation
    5. North Coast AIDS Project
    6. Sonoma County Department of AIDS Service
    1. AIDS Coalition for Education
    2. Boulder County AIDS Project
    3. Asian Pacific AIDS Intervention Team
    4. Colorado AIDS Project
    5. People with AIDS Coalition Colorado
    6. Western Colorado AIDS Project
    7. Southern Colorado AIDS project
    1. AIDS Alliance for Children Youth and Family
    2. The AIDS Institute
    3. Metro Teen AIDS
    4. Youth AIDS
    1. Florida AIDS online
    2. AIDS Service Association of Pinellas
    3. North Florida AIDS Network
    4. Central Florida AIDS Network
    5. League Against AIDS
    6. Florida/ Carribean AIDS Education & Training Centre
    7. League against AIDS
    1. AIDS Atlanta
    2. AID Gwinnett
    3. Atlanta AIDS partnership Funds
    4. Central City AIDS Network
    5. South East AIDS Training and Education Centre
    1. Chicago HIV/AIDS Resources
    2. AIDS Research Alliances
    3. Chicago House
    4. Chicago Women's AIDS projects
    1. AIDS Service Centre Coalition
    2. Kentucky AIDS Education Training Centre
    3. Mathew 25 AIDS Services
    1. AIDS Action Committee
    2. AIDS Housing Corporation
    3. AIDS Project Worcester
    4. AIDS Support group of Cape Cod
    1. AIDS Care Network
    2. AIDS Partnership Michigan
    3. HIV/ AIDS Resources Centre
    4. HIV / AIDS Services
    5. Michigan AIDS Coalition
    6. Michigan Persons living with AIDS
    1. HIV and AIDS Resources in Mississippi
    2. AIDS Project in Ozark
    3. Regional AIDS Interfaith Network of Central Missouri
    4. Saint Louis Effort for AIDS

Apart from all the above listed HIV Support groups in USA, there are several more which are equally efficient and popular.

Purpose of HIV Support groups in USA:

  • They provide housing and case management services to the patients.
  • Provide food, housing, education to the AIDS infected orphans, children and infants
  • Provide counseling and medication to patients and couples
  • Organize camps for HIV vaccinations and campaigns to spread awareness
  • Organize research and development projects to fight the disease
  • Organize HIV testing and diagnosis activities
  • Help the highly risk groups, in preventing or curing the disease, and other personal helps, in case they are infected.
Thus, HIV support groups in USA have played a major role in reducing the rate of propagation of the disease and spreading general awareness about HIV.

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