HIV Prevention

They say prevention is better than cure. Then why not observe the same for the deadly disease of HIV and save our precious life by observing some simple preventive methods?

There is no cure for HIV. Therefore, the one who has contracted it has no other option but to regret for his carelessness. Although, he can decrease the wrath of the disease with the help of advanced medications and new antiretroviral therapies, he cannot completely get rid of this fatal virus. Therefore, it always better to take HIV preventions, then suffer from it.

Taking HIV prevention does not involve any monetary expense or physical risks. However, it can save you from them. The best way to take HIV prevention is by putting up friction on its causes. Therefore, it is better to know what causes HIV:

If a person keeps the ways of HIV transmission in mind, then he need not think much about HIV prevention. The following can help the prevention of HIV:

Injection of drugs and HIV transmission:

To avoid HIV transmission through injection of drugs takes the following HIV preventions:

Sexual route of HIV transmission:

To avoid HIV contraction through sexual routes, keep the following things in mind:

Vertical transmission of HIV from mother to the child:

To avoid vertical transmission of HIV, do the following things:

The above mentioned points are very easy and smart ways of HIV prevention. It can not only save you from contracting the disease but also save several other lives.