HIV Information

What is HIV?

The word HIV represents Human immuno deficiency virus. HIV virus leads to AIDS. HIV attacks on key cells that are called as CD4 cells or T cells. The function of these cells is to protect the body from the invaders like virus, fungus, cancer, and other infections. These cells resist the attacks by such diseases and infections. This virus damages the immune system so the immune system is not capable to fight with diseases caused by micro organism. When this virus develops in the body it leads to AIDS. AIDS is a stage where CD4 cells are destroyed in large extent. As a result of this the human body succumbs to any infraction. So let us go through the HIV information.

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HIV early symptoms

These early HIV symptoms generally disappear within a week to a month. Many times these symptoms are mistaken as the infection of other diseases. In this stage HIV exist in large extent in the body of an infected person.

Other indications often seen months to years before the beginning of AIDS involves

How does HIV transmit?

HIV tests

HIV home tests

Now days a market is flooded with lots of products that help you to recognize whether you are infected by HIV or not. It ups to you that what kind of product should be chosen. However you can choose the HIV kits that are approved by FDA (U.S. food and drug administration). The reason is that these HIV home tests are accurate and exact as the antibody tests that are examined at doctors and health departments. Because these kits uses same ELISA/Western Blot/IFA tests. Nevertheless you can find differences among these tests. Home Access Express HIV-1 Test is the test that is approved by FDA. This test is more accurate than the other tests that are available in the market.

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