HIV Skin Infection

When we are in teenage pimples, acne or zits are the part of our growing age. However as we lead to the adult stages all these skin infections may vanish. But these skin infections can revert back to those who are living with HIV infection. Folliculitisis is one of the HIV skin infections that can come back to the HIV patients. So let us see that what is Folliculitis?

Let us see the information about Folliculitis that is one of the HIV skin infections

What is Folliculitis?

Folliculitis is described as an inflammation or infection of hair follicles. Folliculitis can take place anywhere. However, most probably it emerges in areas that are irritated from, rubbing clothes, shaving, or pores blocked by oils and dirt. The most frequent sites of folliculitis contain:

Usually, folliculitis emerges when hair follicles become damaged and irritated from rubbing clothes or shaving. Pores can be clogged with oils and dirt. This situation causes breading grounds for fungus or bacteria. As these funguses are collected by pores and folliculitis, they get infected and folliculitis occurs.

Folliculitis: signs and symptoms

The emergence of folliculitis can be different from person to person but normally the symptoms involve

How is Folliculitis Diagnosed?

The appearance of the skin and the present lesions has been examined for the diagnosis of folliculitis. A skin biopsy can be done for ruling out the skin lesions. It helps to learn that which fungus or bacteria has caused for the infection.

Treatment for Folliculitis

The best option for treating the Folliculitis is to avoid it from happening in the very first stage. It is possible only when you minimize the damage of the hair follicles. It can be done by following ways

If the infection occurs, the treatment for it will be depending on the causes of infection and severity of it.

If the proper treatment is taken during the infection period folliculitis can be cured. However it can reoccur as well. In spite of your great efforts, if the infection occurs then consult your doctor for the further treatment plan. It would help you to control the infection and the further consequences.

HIV skin infection may lead to severe consequences but if it is treated within time at least a person can control the infection. A person should have a certain treatment plan for controling the disease. He/she can consult with their doctors. The doctor may decide and tell that how the plan should be followed for controlling the consequences. The infection can be controlled if it is in acceptable range. So it is advisable for the person to go through the proper treatment plan and follow whatever treatment plan you have given by your doctor.