HIV AIDS History

HIV is described as Human deficiency Syndrome. HIV virus attacks on CD4 cells that protect human body from any infection and disease. It weakens these cells gradually and at the end overcomes with them. As a result of this the immune system gets collapsed and human body succumbs to the HIV Aids. This virus reproduces itself and hides in CD4 cells. It would be essential to know the HIV AIDS history.

Let us have a look on HIV history

Central Africa might have been the site of evolution of HIV. It was perhaps a transformation of an African monkey’s virus. Some people think that it could be an accidental product of biological warfare research. HIV time line started early in 1981. In that year in July month the New York Times described an outbreak of a rare form of cancer among gay men in New York itself. It was called as a gay cancer at that time later on identified as Kaposi's Sarcoma. This disease later became the appearance of HIV/AIDS. After that emergency rooms began to see some symptoms like fever, flu like symptoms and rare pneumonia called as Pneumocystis in healthy young men. It was the beginning of the disease that now has become the biggest concern of the world.

Let us see the history of 25 years of HIV/AIDS

Year 1959

Though we believe that HIV/AIDS being 25 years old but the real fact is that it is believed that the HIV has been around us for long period of time. In Africa in 1959 a man died because of mysterious sickness. After examining his blood reports it was conformed that he in fact died because of complications related to an HIV infection.

Year 1981

In 1981 the emergence of Kaposi's sarcoma and Pneumocystis was seen among gay men in New York and California. The Centers for Disease Control stated the new outbreak of disease as they called it GRID (gay related immune deficiency). They condemned the gay community as carriers of this deadly disease. However cases began to be appear in drug addicts, heterosexuals, and people who got blood transfusions of this deadly disease.

Year 1983

Researchers in Pasteur Institute in France segregated a retrovirus that they consider to be related to the outbreak of HIV/AIDS. The case of same disease was confirmed by thirty three countries that was once limited to New York and California. Controversies started appearing when the US government declares that their scientist; Dr. Robert Gallo segregates a retrovirus HTLV-III, that he too claims is responsible for AIDS. Two years later it was confirmed that Pasteur retrovirus and HTLV-III are in fact same virus. The virus has been defined as HIV by international committee of scientists.

Year 1984

A Canadian flight attendant who died of AIDS was because of his sexual connection to a number of the first victims of HIV/AIDS. It is assumed that he was responsible for introducing the virus into the general population.

HIV history would help you to know about the beginning of HIV. We hope that the given information of HIV would useful for you.