Global HIV Statistics

HIV and AIDS have not spared any nation from its wrath. Each and every continent is trying to overcome the rage of HIV. Though, in some parts of the world, it has met reasonable success, in most of its parts, HIV and AIDS is still the biggest challenge. According to the UNAIDS, the global HIV statistics of people infected with HIV around the world so far is 34 millions, while another 25 millions have died out of it. In 2008 itself, 33.4 million people were diagnosed to be living with HIV, with a new addition of 2.7 million. The total number of deaths due to AIDS was 2 million. 40% of all HIV patients around the world are youth, above the age of 15 years. 2.9 million HIV patients are below 15 years of age.

In 2008, the number of children born with HIV is 430000. However, the part of the world that leads and owes the maximum contribution to the global HIV statistics is sub: Saharan Africa.

Global Statistics of HIV in Asia

Global Statistics of HIV in Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Global Statistics of HIV in Latin America

Global Statistics of HIV in North America

Global Statistics of HIV in Western and Central Europe

Global Statistics of HIV in Africa

Africa is the most affected continent. It can be broadly divided into two regions

  1. The Sub Saharan Africa

  2. The Southern Part of Africa

We see that the total number of HIV positive cases in the entire continent of Africa rises up to more than 5 million, which is a big reason to worry. Prevalence of AIDS in Africa is 17.6%. Yet, only 9,20,000 people have access to anti retroviral treatment, which is just a little more than half of the total number of infected.

However, after the mass implementation of HIV vaccination programs, and extensive campaigns on the topic, the number of HIV contraction every year has come down to 2.7 millions, from 3.2 million. It is a reduction by 10% from that of 2004, which is considered to have been the worst period of the epidemic. Nevertheless, in most continents, things are coming under control. Africa, where there is a still a long way to go, till the problem gets moderated, leads the world in the global AIDS Statistics, and falls behind all other nations in terms of treatments.

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