Early symptoms of HIV

The word AIDS represents Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome. HIV virus is the cause of being infected by AIDS. HIV means Human Immunodeficiency Virus. HIV assails on the key cells that can resist any disease in the human body. The CD4+T Cells are element of the immune system in a human body that fights with different cancers and infections. The attack of HIV destroys the capability of CD4+T cells, so the Immune system is no longer capable to fight diseases caused by micro organisms. There is an extensive loss of the number of CD4+T cells as a result of which it makes the human body very susceptible to cancers of any form. Early symptoms of HIV can be detected after getting infected by HIV virus.

Early symptoms of HIV are given below

In most of the cases early symptoms of HIV look like flu-like illness. Nevertheless, in other cases, they could not emerge at all. The symptoms or signs of HIV take months or years to appear on the scene. When the infection gets progressive or develops early symptoms of HIV are appeared such as extreme fatigue, short term memory loss, weight loss etc. The early symptoms of HIV includes

These early HIV symptoms generally vanish within a week to a month. These symptoms are many times mistaken as other viral infection. In this period, infected persons are highly infectious as well as HIV is present in large quantities in genital fluids.

These severe symptoms could not appear for ten years after HIV enters in the body. This period could be described as asymptomatic means without symptoms. However the infection differs from person to person. In some people the symptoms may appear in two weeks and on the other hand some may be symptom free for more than ten years.

Nevertheless the virus keeps destroying the immune system during this period. It hides in within infected cells and lie dormant. The most devastating effect of this virus is the decline in number of CD4 cells that find in blood. These cells are key element for protecting the body from various diseases.

As the immune system is damaged by the virus, a variety of difficulties begin to take over. The starting symptoms of HIV are swollen glands or large lymph nodes. This symptom may be extended for more than three months.

Other common symptoms of HIV infection

These symptoms take eight to ten years to be noticed

Early symptoms of HIV are given here for your sake. You can make use of them for knowing about these symptoms. We expect that it should be helpful for you.